About us


Company ED_SPO - official and exclusive distributor of brands such


as Beko, Grundig, Blomberg, Istikbal and Libro.



Company ED-SPO has been based in 1996y. And has started to import iron from popular products. In a very short time company has made great success and has thought about extension of business borders. In 2012 ED-SPO started to import to Armenia high quality white goods from the Beko brand which belongs to the very popular Arselik company.

The extension of business continued and in 2005  Ed-SPO started to import household appliances from Blomberg and in 2006 Grundig.


Periodical sales

Professional service stuff

Well organized advertising




The company has a wide net of partners in all regions of Armenia as


well as in Nagorno Kharabagh.


Stock and logistics


Stock of  white goods 1500 sq.m

Stock of furniture 1500 sq.m

Free of change delivery of household appliances and furniture.

Free of  charge furniture collecting.



Marketing and Advertising.


2004 big sale of WML 6004 washing machine.

Advertising-Opening of shop in Sayat-Nova street in 2010.



Active participation of company in non-professional competitions.


Football competition in Ararat golf club: 3-rd position.





Company ED_SPO has organized open Horse sport Grand Prix in 2010. In which have their participation the best horse riders from Armenia and abroad.